Option 1: Three Day Wave Training Session

The 3 day Wave Training Session is our core training offering that is intended to introduce Functional Testing concepts and best practices featuring either SmartBear TestComplete/LoadComplete or Oracle Application Test Suite (OATS) automated testing software packages. The class covers the use of the tools in specific testing practices (functional, scalability, performance for example) for validating Web based applications. The class begins with an introduction to the general concepts and follows the wave methodology to introduce how the particular tool increases the efficiency and productivity of the tasks involved in the area of testing being studied
Each class provides an in-depth understanding of the focused products, and covers additional topics such as troubleshooting and diagnosing different types of problems.
Classes can be delivered on-site or remotely

Option 2: Five Day Wave Training JumpStart

The RJCadvisors 5 Day Wave Training JumpStart service incorporates onsite training and mentoring with a full setup and configuration engagement. The service is designed to help get new users or even experienced teams started successfully testing their web applications with specific tools and best practices. It is intended to enable the users to independently create and use automated testing scripts and execute those scripts as a testing scenario. The Jumpstart package is designed to provide extensive training on automation tools from SmartBear or Oracle with significant hands-on test script and scenario development. In addition, the best practices in test planning, development, debugging and execution of tests will be conveyed during the engagement.
Classes can be delivered on-site or remotely

Option 3: Special Subject Based Web Workshop

The Subject Based Web Workshop solution is intended to focus on one unique aspect of testing using solutions either by SmartBear or Oracle. Each 90 minute session will cover both theory and application so that you gain a full understanding not only of how the feature/functionality works but you will get the "why" behind the design. ??? The custom built examples will help to unravel some of the mysteries that surround using the automation solutions in some important yet un-documented situations! The best news in that you can participate in this training right from your desk! There is no travel required ... Or, get together as a team and attend from your companies conferences room.
Workshops are delivered remotely - discounts available for blocks of workshops

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